About Us

Welcome to Maži dalykai JEWELRY!

My name is Jurate. I started with my ceramic jewelry long ago. I am a professional teacher of arts and crafts, but as being a total introvert, I have chosen to be a free creative soul and work on my own. I don't know the secret of my little things, but most of my customers usually fell in love with them and it's never enough :)

My jewelry has two sides: the SWEET one with the birds and their eggs, apples and golden crowns, various flowers and golden leaves. I make it from white clay, bright glazes, precious lustres (gold and platinum). This collection is for a romance lovers.
There is a DARK SIDE of the moon : the collection is made from black and white porcelain; monochromic and minimalist with geometric shapes and a goth touch.
This one is my favorite :)

The most exciting thing in my creations is that a customer can make their own pair of earrings. Weather it is sweet ceramic birds and eggs, apples or crowns, or just two colorful beans - they all look great between each other. The same is with black porcelain earrings, so BE CREATIVE! 

My big helper and supporter is my husband Eduardas. He helps me with the shop marketing, advertising and everything else, where I need. He also is a creator of this page, so I am very grateful for all the job he made. 

The interests of our customers are always the top priority for us, so we hope you will enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them available to you.

Thank you,

team Mazi dalykai JEWELRY